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Immediate access to a full employee benefits scheme. Incentivise or simply show your appreciation by offering your staff savings on high street brands, local discounts at their favourite restaurants, a voucher for a day out making memories or even advice and support to save money. Be the best employer you can be…provide an ongoing and valued gift!

Just a few of the benefits!

Cashback at Big Brand Names

Via their employee benefit portal, your staff receive cashback every time they shop online.

Voucher Codes

Your staff will pay less at the checkout with our big brand name shopping codes!


Local Discounts

Printable vouchers reward your staff with discounts at their favourite local businesses.

Your personalised incentive hub to engage your staff!


Introduce new staff and reward current employees to discounts which are downloaded from a platform branded to your company profile, creating brand loyalty from within your workforce. 

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What does the research say?

  • 49% of employees said more perks made them feel valued as a team member
  • 53% of employees reported more perks in the workplace increased their quality of life.
  • 44% said perks at work directly improved their physical or mental health
  • A 2015 survey conducted by Glassdoor reported that 4 out of 5 employees preferred additional benefits or perks to a pay increase

[Sources: – Glassdoor, 2015, – SCORE, 2018]


Discounts, Cashback, Vouchers and more…

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Employee rewards schemes facilitate a two-way relationship between employers and employees; the more you invest in your staff, the more return you’ll get. The cost of our service can be offset by these great returns so the financial calculations are simple. Improve the lives of your staff…value, invest, retain, engage and reward your workforce to nurture your business.

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